About Me


HELLO, I’m Natalie!

Welcome to SUPERSTARNAT.COM! Here you will find writings that range from rambles to short stories. I indulge myself in writing from my heart which means sometimes not writing at all.

Looking for fun? Feel free to check out the Adventures tab to take a look at words about my travels speckled with photos that warm my heart. My aspiring travel blogger posts will hopefully leave you bitten by the wanderlust bug.

In the mood for depth? You can peruse the Women of the Bible tab where I’ve collected a year’s worth of what I like to think are thought provoking, emotion evoking and heart searching pieces about the women in the first few books of the Bible. What can I say? They inspire me and are a lot more relevant to the 21st century than most people think.

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Thanks for stopping by and remember to smile. 🙂 SuperStarNat



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