Who does not like Disney movies?!?! I mean seriously!!!!

They have everything: adventure, heroes and villains, princesses and princes, morals, lessons, sad moments and hysterical moments. I love Disney movies so much that I couldn’t pick just 5. I have a list of 16 and counting. So I decided to really filter down to my Top 5 Favorite: Animated Disney Movies and my Top 5 Favorite: Live Action Disney Movies.

Today I’ll share my animated faves!

In no particular order.


(Actually Aladdin does come in 1st place… I AM Princess Jasmine!)


Beauty and the Beast

beauty and the beast

The Little Mermaid

the little mermaid



 The Brave Little Toaster

the brave little toaster

So what are your favorite animated Disney movies??? Do we have any in common?? Looking forward to your comments.

Keep Shining, Nat


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