Today is a dreary Monday… my alarm went off early this morning followed by the loudness of the rain. My first thoughts consisted of, “NO! I’m too sleepy to wake up!” and “NOOOOOOOOOO, it’s raining!!! Now I really don’t want to get up!” After the mellow-dramatic-ness in my head I remembered that Monday mornings are filled with sweet First Priority moments at my local middle school. As much as I didn’t want to get up I remembered how badly I didn’t want to be late. In an effort to not fall into the damaging generalization of “I am ALWAYS late.” I snoozed less than usual giving myself 30 minutes to get ready instead of merely 20.

Our club meeting was pretty sweet!! We are super excited to host our first Missions week next Monday! It’ll be a yummy Gospel-Donut Monday!!!

My sweet coworker and I are always talking about how we feel uncomfortable in our current bodies. We both want to loose weight and get the muffin tops under control. This isn’t any easy task being that there are always muffin top inducing snacks and foods around the office. Determined to combat the tires around our waists we’ve started taking 5 minute walks around the building. Literally, we walk down the stairs to the outside, around the building, back up the stairs and repeat. We are taking these walks twice a day.

It feels great getting to move and go out of doors even if for 2 minutes. It feels like a reset to my body and brain.

Today was a dreary day though so no sunshine. I’m looking forward to a dose of Vitamin D on our future walks. You do know that sunlight helps reduce depression and promotes a positive mood!

Tonight is also Tribe Fusion‘s Annual Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner! I’ll post all about sometime soon…

Tomorrow I want to share a special Transformation Tuesday! 🙂

Love ya guys for reading my Monday ramblings.

Keep Shining, Nat

By the way, did it rain today where you are?

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