St. Augustine Moments

Recently I spent the weekend with a couple of my favorite gals celebrating 10 years of sisterhood. We chose St. Augustine for our quiet and relaxing weekend. In this post I will share a few of the things I loved.

Things I Loved

I bet you had no idea that St. Augustine could easily be considered a college town. Trust me I didn’t even know there was a college there. Flagler College to be exact. The coolest part is that the school was originally a hotel. It’s quite beautiful. Here’s a picture of the entrance with Mr. Flagler himself located on King St. between Sevilla St. and Cordova St.

Flagler College

The architecture in St. Augustine is one of the reasons why I love this old place. The buildings are truly beautiful. They transport you to a different time period. An era of corsets and hoop dresses in the middle of summer. A time of lemonade on the veranda and hotels without AC. I am definitely glad that I can admire the beauty of the structures without having to endure the St. Augustine summers of the late 18th Century.

The entrance to the Fountain of Youth is another St. Augustine treasure that I love. I mean just check out these pictures of the street where the Fountain of Youth is located. Magnolia Ave has some gorgeous trees. The lighting at dusk was simply perfect.

The signage for the main attraction, in today’s lingo, is “LIT”! At least the sign on Marcos Ave is. I also think its pretty cool that the Fountain of Youth is literally located in a residential neighborhood. We were truly standing outside people’s homes trying to take these photos. They didn’t seem to mind.

Who can resist a Carousel? I kow I can’t! Which is why the St. Augustine Carousel makes it onto my list of things I love in St. Augustine. Call me a child, I don’t care! I just love carousels. They are whimsical! Magical really! They make my eyes sparkle and paint a permanent smile between my chubby cheeks. Just look at the sheer joy on my face in these pics.

Now I couldn’t end this post about places I love to see in St. Augustine without mentioning the fort or castillo. It’s official name is Castillo de San Marcos and I loved it! I especially enjoyed exploring and taking photos of it after dark. Here are a few photos of the castillo.

Trust me there are so many more places that I loved and would have liked to share. Sadly I didn’t get pictures of all the enchantment. You will just have to go visit for yourself!

However, there will be a couple more posts to follow. I’ll be sharing some secrets I learned on my trip as well as my lighthouse experience.

Have you been? What’s your favorite part of the oldest city in Florida? Comment below.


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