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preschool chairOne day in preschool I was playing a children’s board game when luck wasn’t on my side. I┬álost the game and all control. The situation escalated to the point that I had to be removed from the room. I was taken downstairs for a session of Timeout until my mom arrived. Somewhere between my sitting on the chair huffing and puffing and my mom’s arrival my tantrum became rage. The story goes that I literally picked up the chair and threw it at the teacher.┬áNeedless to say I almost got expelled from preschool. Not the first warning either!

1st #100words post. That was fun and a little tricky getting the whole story in exactly 100 words! But I enjoyed the challenge.

Did you ever almost get expelled from preschool??? Share that story in the comments below I would love to read it!

Keep Shining, Nat