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Prom 2003

A rite of passage

A night that is typically a dream.

The chance to be a Princess or, better yet, a Queen.

Prom 2003

Not the typical prom.

A room of Jesus Freaks trying to live in a world that is not their own.

A better title would be: Christian Prom 2003.

A red carpet dress and glass slippers obtained for free,

From the girl met randomly at Walgreens.

A fancy up do and classic makeup to frame the smiling face of the naïve.

A raffle ticket at the door.

Prizes and oddities galore.

The mention of a crown and scepter.

Yet another round of numbers called.

The unexpected becoming reality as you find yourself walking up to the front.

The exclamations and cheers from your table mates as they celebrate your newfound royal status.



How could it be?!

A coronation and royal introduction as the Queen and King meet.

A photoshoot to follow.

Remember to return the scepter.

But the crown you may keep.

A story to go down in history as the day you walked in a girl with a raffle ticket and exited a Queen.

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A poem to commemorate my untraditional senior prom. It’s actually a wonderful memory.

Keep Shining, Nat

Did you go to your senior prom or an alternative?