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HELLO WORD of 2015


Wall Art: Renda Writer Photo Credit: Jorge Castillo

There’s been a lot of talk about having a specific word to live by or strive for in 2015. I’ve seen it on other blogs and have had conversations with people regarding their 2015 WORD.

Well, while reading one of those blogs MY 2015 WORD came to me. Like an epiphany. It just appeared in my mind. Granted, I might have had help from a Wynwood artist, Renda Writer, and from my favorite girls who always know how to challenge me. 
Once I thought about it for a couple of seconds I realized that I’ve already begun living out this word. Starting this blog is a result of this word. Pursuing professional help also falls within this category. There are additional decisions and projects in the works that exemplify this noun.

Without further ado.
My 2015 WORD is:


In 2015 I am putting myself out there! I’m taking RISKS!
Leaping out in faith! Believing that God will show up and show off!

Comment below with your 2015 WORD!