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IT’S THE WEEKEND!!!! WOOOO WHOOOO!!! (As I sit inside on this rainy day…)

Today I had a schedule…. get up early,¬†go get my tire fixed, go to my blog meet up, rest, hang out with the girls.

I wasn’t surprised when I looked at the time and saw that I had like 20 minutes to get ready if I was going to make it to the meet up!!! Yikes!!!

At first I was like, “Naw, forget it. I won’t go today, I’ll just go to the next one.”

But I am so glad I didn’t stay in bed.

I jumped up, put the timer on my phone and rushed to leave the house on time. Needless to say I left late, caught traffic, had to find parking and then had to locate the entrance to the building. I ended up being 15 minutes late. But I’m working on loving myself more and that means showing myself some grace. So the fact that I got out of bed and went at all is a victory! Going to celebrate where I can.

The event was awesome!!!

The team over at Miamifoodpug.com spoke on 9 tips for networking. I arrived just in time to jot all of the tips down.

Let me just point out that tip #2 was Arrive Early…. I’m glad I was standing in the back so no one was able to see my embarrassment, LOL.

Afterwards we had the opportunity to connect with other bloggers.

Let the Networking Begin!!!

I had the chance to speak to some phenomenal female bloggers. Some who are just starting and others who are a bit more seasoned in the blogosphere. Here are a few sites from the ladies who I spoke to today.

Rosi from perpetual-message

Valeria (she doesn’t know it but she’s my new BFF!!) from ChicbyV

Stacy (best brownie muffin eeeevvveeerr!!!) from StacyMoya

Suzy from ChatterBlog

Jessika from StyleGraham

Please stop by and show them some love!

If you are interested in attending the next meet up then just head on over to SouthFloridaBloggers for more info.

Keep Shining, Nat