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This morning I had a schedule laid out for the day.

I knew where I’d be and what I’d be doing at every hour of the day… Ok maybe not that extreme. The point is that I had a plan for my day.

I had a #transformationTuesday post all planned out and then I got a phone call that changed everything.

You see when your sister calls you for help you pretty much put all plans on hold. Family comes first after all.

So I had to leave work early. I missed the puppy shower… Yes you read that correctly a party to celebrate the arrival of a puppy! I wasn’t able to post the piece I wanted to post.

But… All of that is ok because I was able to share an unforgettable experience with my niece. I was able to help my sister. I was able to have an unexpected bonding moment with the littles.

Moral of the story::: BLESSED ARE THE FLEXIBLE!!

You never know what greatness could come from flexibility!

Keep Shining, Nat