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If you have been reading my blog then you probably read the post, TOP 5 FAVORITE: CHILDHOOD READS. In that post I talked briefly about my love for books and the written word. I especially enjoy when the stories I love are transformed into visual accounts through various platforms. A while back I came across The Lizzie Bennett Diaries and immediately fell in love with the short installment mini series form becoming more and more popular on YouTube. So here are my 5 favorite mini series based on stories I love. There are so many other mini series that are equally as amazing but I’m staying within my 5 faves limit. I hope you guys check them out.

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Have you already seen these or do you know of others you recommend?

Keep Shining, Nat

The Lizzie Bennett Diaries

lizzie bennnet diaries

The Autobiography of Jane Eyre


Emma Approve


Anne With an E


The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy