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HELLO 2015


Today Lara Casey posted the pic on the left and it spoke to me. It reinforced the decision I had already made of starting this blog. These 15 words reminded me that it was time to look beyond the doubts. To stand up and confront my fears. To look my insecurities straight in the face and chase my dreams. I can no longer wait to “start living” my life when (fill in the blank) happens. Today is a gift and I have a mind to seize my present. Make the most of the daylight and shed all types of JESUS light on the dark places within. On this blog I will share what I’m learning on this path to healing and growth. I will also post my thoughts and notes from studying the women of the bible. My goal is to spotlight a different biblical female character each month. Gather insight directly from the word, other books and commentaries. I pray God may use this site to speak to your heart as He works on healing and strengthening mine.