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Does your company do a Thanksgiving potluck?


Today my place of employment was gracious enough to give us a 2 hour lunch break!!!!

Yup! 2 HOURS!!!


We have an amazing Fun Committee who decorated one of our classrooms with the cutest Thanksgiving center pieces and hanging leaves. Gold table clothes and festive plates. Even a banner and glittery lights to add to the festivities.

There was so much food. All kinds.

Rice with beans, crockpot mac and cheese, baked mac and cheese, sweet ham, turkey, jerk turkey, gluten free corn bread and chili, Cesar salad, Asian crispy salad, chicken wings, sweet plantains, lobster bisque, potato salad, quiche, sweet potato casserole, a Jamaican fish dish, and more.

But wait! There’s dessert too!!!

Pies on pies on pies! Brownies, chocolate cake, pumpkin cheesecake bars, layered pumpkin pudding, did I mention pies?!

Let’s just say¬† that today’s lunch was a yummy delicious mess of goodness!


Keep Shining, Nat

Tell me about your staff thanksgiving potluck in the comments below.