Genesis 12:11 Sarai was a beautiful woman

In Genesis 12:5 we meet Sarai, Abram’s wife. Chapter 12 is where we learn some background info on their life. Up to this point they’ve done well for themselves. They are pretty much rich, have servants and a comfortable life. Then, all of a sudden God speaks to Abram and tells him, “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.”
Talk about shaking things up. Sarai must have had it good up to this point. Verse 5 tells us that she follows her husband on this new adventure. They leave their families and comfortable lifestyle to become nomads. They roam and roam, they stop in Egypt get some more riches and get kicked out when the Pharaoh learns that Sarai is actually Abram’s wife and not his sister.

This story is pretty juicy, if you’ve never read it click here.

After leaving Egypt they travel some more and end up finding themselves in the land of Canaan. Now a lot has happened between chapter 12 and chapter 15 including wars and rescue missions.
In chapter 15 God speaks to Abram again. This time he gives Abram an unbelievable promise, “Look at the heavens and count the stars – if indeed you can count them… so shall your offspring be.”– verse 5.
What a weird promise to give to a man who is nearing really old age and has not had any children.
At this point in the story I start thinking about Sarai.
Her barrenness.
Her lack of motherhood.
How much did she suffer?
How insecure was she?
I wonder how incomplete she felt.
Did Abram share God’s promise with her?
I was thinking through this and it occurred to me that they were husband and wife…. marriage made them ONE.
[Genesis 2:24 For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become ONE flesh.]
So technically if God gave this promise to Abram then the promise was for Sarai too!
Did she believe it?
Did she get excited?
I picture her daydreaming about that moment when she would get to hold her newborn child, a child she has waited practically forever for.
I imagine her waiting for the confirmation of pregnancy and the first year passes. Then the next and the next until it’s been 10 years and Sarai has yet to feel the squirming of a baby within her womb.
After 10 years of waiting for her dreams to come true I think Sarai became a bit impatient. In verse 2 of Genesis 16 Sarai utters these words,
“The Lord has kept me from having children. Go, sleep with my slave…”
I bet there was exhaustion, frustration, disappointment and disillusionment in her tone, maybe even a little bit of resentment and bitterness towards God. I mean He made this grandiose promise and hadn’t followed through.

Haven’t we all been here before?!
There is that one thing that comes to mind. You’ve been praying for and working towards this for years and years and have yet to see the fruit of your faith and efforts.
It’s so typical for us as women to throw our hands up in the air and shout,

I know I’ve said it. I know I’ve cried it.

These emotions that lead us to take control.
That moment when the patience has completely dried up and we start making erratic decisions thinking we can play God.

In this very state of desperation Sarai makes a horrible decision. A decision she ends up regretting terribly.
I mean come on!!! It has to be a desperate move to tell your husband to sleep with another woman! The first attempt at surrogacy. And guess what… she took matters into her own hands and everything ended up blowing up in her face big time!!!  

Next week I will go into further detail on Sarai’s decision and the repercussion of her poor choice and lack of faith. I hope that we may learn from her experience. Let’s not lose hope! Let’s not forget the ways that God has already come through for us! Let’s hold on tight. He WILL come through! You will see your blessing!!!!

Memory Verse: Psalm 130:5
Psalm 130:5 I wait for the LORD, my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope.

My Prayer for you:
Heavenly Father, I pray for those readers who are struggling with patience right now. I pray that you may remind them of your past faithfulness. I ask you to give them supernatural hope in this moment that they may not lose faith. That they may hold on tight to your word and your promises. I thank you for all that you have already done and ask you to continue to show up and show off in our lives. I pray that as we experience moments of fainting and doubt that we may not forget the lesson Sarai teaches us. That we may not try to take control where only you can make things work. Thank you for hearing our prayers and for your faithfulness. I am confident that you have good things for each of us and we will see the fulfillment of your promises in our lives. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Comment below with your thoughts on Sarai’s choice. I can’t wait to read your feedback!

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