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Today we continue our journey through Exodus. It just so happens that Moses had quite a few women in his life. So far we talked about his biological mom, his adoptive mom, and his big sis. Today we focus on his wife, Zipporah in Exodus 2:15-21.

At first glance Zipporah seems like a character to be quickly over looked. The first time she is mentioned we don’t know her name. She is just one of seven sisters, the daughters of the Midian priest, Reuel. The sisters were out doing their daily chore of watering the family’s flock when Moses showed up.

The sisters were probably like… “Heeeeyyy!!!

LOL I bet it was unusual for them to see random guys coming up to the well. Especially when this random guy became their knight in shining armor. The problem was that the men of that area didn’t want to share the water with them. Who knows why…  I really can’t imagine it was a quantity issue as much as it was a gender equality issue, but that’s just my opinion. Anyhow, Moses defended the Midian sisters and got water for their flock.

(This sounds familiar but I’ll table the patterns for a later date.)

So the girls are like, “Moses!! Our Hero!!

They go back home singing his praises and tell their dad about the foreigner who saved the day. Of course Reuel wanting to thank the one who helped his daughters tells them to go back and invite him over for dinner. He accepts the dinner invitation.

Moses didn’t just get dinner he also got a wife. In verse 21 we learn the lucky sister is Zipporah, Moses’ new wife.

This creates so many questions in my mind.

Was Zipporah even into Moses?
Was Zipporah the oldest or did an older sister get passed over? Because of what we know of the culture I bet she probably was the oldest.
Did Moses even want to get married or was this just a convenient arrangement? Because honestly he ran away from home and had nowhere else to go.

When I get to heaven I will make an appointment with Zipporah and have her answer all my questions. For now let’s just point out the pieces that we do know about her.

1. She was the daughter of a priest.


She was known by her community. Probably held to a higher standard.


2. She was one of 7.


 I bet she knew how to share and how to lead.


3. She was ready when the opportunity arose.


She didn’t know Moses was coming, but when her dad said you’re getting married she got married. She was ready.

So do you hold yourself to a higher standard?

Remember you are not of this world and God created you to be set apart, pure and holy for Him.

Are you willing to share and lead?

Or do you prefer to keep it all for yourself and do your own thing?

Are you ready for what you are praying for?

What if God, your heavenly dad answered your prayer today?

Right. This. Very. Minute.

You ready?!

As I write this I’m like, “Natalie, REALLY?!?!” Ugh that moment when your blog post is speaking directly to you!!

My Prayer For You:

Dear Jesus, I pray a special prayer for every single reader passing through this page today. I ask you to open their eyes to see more of you. I pray that they may be chasing after you like never before. I pray that you may stir their spirits and create a great revival within them. That as they walk through life they may see you manifested in mind blowing ways. Thank you for Zipporah’s story. I ask you to help us live above reproach, holding ourselves to a higher standard. Remind us daily that we live in this world on a mission because we are not of this world. We are aliens created and sent to be set apart. Help us to share your love and to lead others to grace. And help us to be ready for your return at all times. That when you call for us we may be ready and not out buying oil for our lamps. In Jesus’ I give you thank LORD for your answers to our prayers whether the answers are Yes, No or Not right now. Thank you.

Memory Verse:1 Peter 2:9 But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

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Keep Shining, Nat

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