London Sights Part II

I couldn’t get enough of London which is probably why my London adventure can’t fit in just one post, hence Part II. Check out Part I here. I honestly don’t know how many posts there will be about my birthday travels. They were epic and I can’t seem to stop dreaming of far away lands.

Last week we paused towards the beginning of our stroll on The Queen’s Walk. Oh the treasures we found along this path. Truly makes my heart smile. 🙂

6th Stop: The Carousel


My eyes lit up with childlike fancy when I caught sight of the horsies, colorful bulb lights and gold trim. My heart swooned. I longed to ride this beautiful merry-go-round but I must admit I was embarrassed to suggest it. I’ll just have to go back one day and make sure I mount one of those beautiful unicorn-like stallions. For now I will have to settle for this photo.


After several photos we continued our walk towards the Hungerford Bridge. As we approached it we discovered the coolest wall art ever hidden right below the bridge. I have to count this street art as our…

7th Stop: Stik’s Mural Under the Hungerford Bridge


Just look at these extremely adorable stick people! So much style and personality!

Living so close to the Miami art scene I have become somewhat obsessed or infatuated with street art. Stumbling upon this mural in the most unexpected place just made my merry-go-round buzz intensify. The day just seemed to get better and better. My love for London grew in these seemingly insignificant moments. It felt like the best first date ever!


Across from Stick’s mural there was a cute little indoor skating rink. So I snapped a photo of the signage which I thought was pretty cool.


8th Stop: South Bank Skate Park

As we continued our walk we kept coming upon unexpected sights. I supposed that’s the whole point of sightseeing. Regardless I think the reason why it was even more exciting is because we were both experiencing these sights for the first time. My tour guide wasn’t able to tell me what was coming next and that made it more thrilling. Here we are walking along the South Bank and out of no where a skate park with actual teenagers on skateboards. It was like a scene out of a 90’s movie.

20160312_123114 (1)

The place was completely covered in graffiti. It looked just like what you would imagine a skate park would look like in the middle of an eclectic city. As an added bonus there happened to be a tagger working on a spray paint piece at the exact moment we were walking by.


Following the skate park we bumped into an outdoor book market under the Waterloo Bridge. So many books! Posters, records, post cards, comic books and a ton of other neat outdoor market finds. I was able to snag the retro-est Vogue magazine postcard for a friend of mine.

Further down the bank some guys were building sandcastles. Of course I snapped a photo because well just look…


Slightly edited for color but just look at all that detail!!

There was so much to see and take in on that chilly March Saturday. I’m pausing here and will continue next Friday with a few more stops from my March 12th London sightseeing adventure.

Would love to hear from you don’t be shy and write a line in the comments below even if just to say hello.

And if it’s your first time here definitely check out some of my other adventure posts by clicking here.


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