London Sights Part III

Here goes! The third and final installment of this London Sights mini series. Check out Part I here and Part II here.

Picking up right where we left off, our…

9th Stop: Gabriel’s Wharf

This was a great outdoor area with boutiques and eateries. You could find a huge variety of items here from salt scrubs and hand soups to winter hats and fasteners. It was super inviting and family friendly. I was able to snap a photo of some wall art I spotted next to one of the stores.


10th Stop: Oxo Tower Wharf

As we continued our walk we came to the Oxo Tower which is an 8 story building with a large tower on top. Directly behind the building is The Bargehouse Art Gallery and I thought the building’s bricks were a perfect backdrop for a photoshoot.

11th Stop: Blackfriars Bridge


Don’t judge me. I am not a photographer even though sometimes I make believe that I am. We were crossing on the walkway beneath the bridge and I thought it was so industrial looking. It reminded me of engineering geniuses so I took a photo.

Here… look for yourself.


12th Stop: Tate Modern – Museum


From the court yard outside Tate.

I love museums. I love them so much I could probably live in one. To be surrounded by works of art. By moving, thought provoking pieces from someone’s heart or imagination. It’s a romantic thought isn’t it… to live in a museum. Tate Modern was full of large scale installations and that made me, “Hmmm”. I’m glad we ventured in from the cold and looked at art. Art always makes me feel warm inside even if my fingers are frozen popsicles.

As we left the museum we walked across the Millennium Bridge. As we got closer to the other side of the bank we had perfect view of the St. Paul’s Cathedral.


13th Stop: St. Paul’s Cathedral

One word. WOW! I had never in my life seen a church as royal as St. Paul’s Cathedral. I didn’t take any pictures from the inside. I assure you there was a lot of gold in that sanctuary. It was simply beautiful. I did take a few from the outside. Everything about this structure drew me in.


Soon we had to reluctantly move on leaving the most majestic cathedral I’ve ever seen behind us. We walked along Ludgate Hill which turned into Fleet Street and continued onto Strand. All the while we marveled at the difference in architecture and history between South Florida and London. We saw a number of smaller churches all of which were historically magnificent. We also saw a number of statues and memorials. Here is a picture from that portion of the walk.


St. Clement Danes in the background.

14th Stop: The Royal Courts of Justice

I am adding this as a stop because well just look at the details in this building. Seriously, I could have spent my entire trip looking at buildings and enjoying the craftsman ship and detail that I don’t get to see on a regular basis. I mean can we bring some of this style back?!

Our last and the 15th Stop: Somerset House

We walked in under arched entrance not know what to expect. I vaguely remember thinking it might be a gallery or another museum. What we discovered behind the stonewall entrance completely caught me off guard and by surprise. What seemed like a large building turned out to be an extremely large open aired courtyard.


It made me so happy inside. It was cold out that day and there were still so many people milling around. Later I looked it up and learned that they have fountains in the ground that serve as a water park for children, and well I suppose fun loving adults, in the warmer months. We walked the length of the courtyard to the far building in the middle and found that on the other side of it was the river! There were table out there and people drinking coffee, smoking, talking and laughing with the view of the river behind them. I tell you London did not disappoint with all of these fun findings. I also made a friend that day. On the backside of the building I spotted the most ghostly yet angelic beauty ever. Again don’t judge as I confess that I actually spoke to her. She looked so lonely, forgotten and neglected. My heart hurt a bit to see her in the state she was in but the original beauty never left her. I still ponder on all of the moments she has witnessed perched up there on the side of that building. How many secrets she holds and will never tell.


Have you ever seen anything that reminded you of another time long before your own? A piece of art that spoke to you in the depths of your soul? Is this a corny question because this siren spoke to me, moved me maybe even changed me a little.

I think that’s a benefit of traveling. You get to experience, see, hear, smell, touch and feel that which once was far away and just a dream or thought.

Where have you been? Where do you want to go next? Share with me in the comments below.

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