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The book of Exodus is quite adventure filled. Moses is kept hidden from Egyptian authorities during a Hebrew baby boy genocide. He then gets adopted by the daughter of the Egyptian pharaoh. He runs away gets married and comes back to Egypt to partner up with his brother Aaron in the mass exodus of the Hebrew people out of slavery.

Intertwined between these main ideas are some pretty unbelievable details. Moses meets God in a burning bush, God brings a ton of pretty gross and even gruesome plagues to the people of Egypt, God even separates the Red Sea in order to clear dry land for His people to make their escape. Throughout his journey there have been several women in Exodus who should be mentioned.

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I’m back! After a bit of a blogging break, I think Nano Poblano took the wind out of me and I hadn’t noticed until I wasn’t blogging daily.

You ever get tired of waiting on God?

(I know I do.)

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