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You know that moment when you realize you have a problem?

Yea, I think I hit that moment Sunday at 5am when I realized I had not slept a wink due to the fact that I was binge watching my new absolute favorite tv show. Yup, if you said… Jane the Virgin then you must be really observant! I mean, HI! It’s in the title.

You know that moment when you procrastinate something you gotta do by instead doing something you wanna do?

Yea, I think that’s me right now. Or like 5 minutes ago. When I realized that it was past 10pm on the very last day of Nano Poblano and I had yet to write my last blog post of the month.

So I actually hit pause on Jane the Virgin, my new obsession, in order to write this post.

I apologize for throwing it together so haphazardly, but you see I’ve been thinking about watching Jane the Virgin all day!

I mean, SERIOUSLY! I was at working thinking about where I would find episodes 1 and 2 from season two because they weren’t on On Demand.

I mean, REALLY! Xfinity!!!! What’s with no posting the first two episodes of the season!!!! Where do they do that at?!?!

Ok so now that you see that my obsession is real. I will leave you with a piece of unsolicited advice…. Go watch Jane the Virgin if you haven’t seen it.

It’s the perfect blend of murder mystery, romance, comedy, and Latin flare that us “Miami” (I’m from Broward) girls live for!!!

Love you guys to the moon and back!

Thank you for hanging out with me this month! We will be back to our regular programming as of this coming Friday!

Keep Shining, Nat