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London Sights Part III

Here goes! The third and final installment of this London Sights mini series. Check out Part I here and Part II here.

Picking up right where we left off, our…

9th Stop: Gabriel’s Wharf

This was a great outdoor area with boutiques and eateries. You could find a huge variety of items here from salt scrubs and hand soups to winter hats and fasteners. It was super inviting and family friendly. I was able to snap a photo of some wall art I spotted next to one of the stores.


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London Sights Part I

London. Sweet, polite London. You have stolen a piece of my heart. I dare say there is no way of getting it back. No way at all, ‘cept maybe going back and staying awhile.

The first thing I said when I arrived in Miami and walked off the plane was, “I’m getting back on… take me back, please!”

My London holiday was by far one of the best experiences of my life. I’m excited to finally share those special memories with you!

Over the next few weeks I will be taking you through my London and Ireland adventures. I hope you can all join me on this special journey. Continue reading

Getting Around St. Augustine & More

Have you been thinking of visiting St. Augustine, FL?

It’s an enchanting place. Filled with history, good eats and tons of tours.

Here are a few tids and bits I’ve been meaning to share. I hope it’s helpful.

1. Purchase a 1 or 2 day tour with the Old Town Trolley Tours company and you’ll get a free shuttle into the city from your hotel.

The shuttle is an air conditioned bus! This is awesome considering how hot it can be even in early spring. This was a great way to get into the city without having to drive and look and pay for parking. They picked us up right at the hotel entrance and dropped us off right in the heart of the city where we proceeded to jump on the trolley pictured below. After we road the trolley around town we caught the shuttle back to our hotel to rest and freshen up.

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It’s not a stretch for me to say that I love lighthouses.

Don’t even ask me why because I don’t have a concrete answer. I just know that I love them. Maybe it’s the hope they stand for. Maybe it’s the way they are designed to stand high above the rest of us and shine their light into the dark. Maybe it’s just the allure of times gone by that make them appear so romantic. Or maybe it’s that they are simply beautiful. Regardless I love lighthouses.

I have made it a goal to visit all of the land lighthouses in the state of Florida within the next 12 months. I have already visited two of them. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

I hope you like them as much as I do.

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You know that moment when you realize you have a problem?

Yea, I think I hit that moment Sunday at 5am when I realized I had not slept a wink due to the fact that I was binge watching my new absolute favorite tv show. Yup, if you said… Jane the Virgin then you must be really observant! I mean, HI! It’s in the title.

You know that moment when you procrastinate something you gotta do by instead doing something you wanna do?

Yea, I think that’s me right now. Or like 5 minutes ago. When I realized that it was past 10pm on the very last day of Nano Poblano and I had yet to write my last blog post of the month.

So I actually hit pause on Jane the Virgin, my new obsession, in order to write this post.

I apologize for throwing it together so haphazardly, but you see I’ve been thinking about watching Jane the Virgin all day!

I mean, SERIOUSLY! I was at working thinking about where I would find episodes 1 and 2 from season two because they weren’t on On Demand.

I mean, REALLY! Xfinity!!!! What’s with no posting the first two episodes of the season!!!! Where do they do that at?!?!

Ok so now that you see that my obsession is real. I will leave you with a piece of unsolicited advice…. Go watch Jane the Virgin if you haven’t seen it.

It’s the perfect blend of murder mystery, romance, comedy, and Latin flare that us “Miami” (I’m from Broward) girls live for!!!

Love you guys to the moon and back!

Thank you for hanging out with me this month! We will be back to our regular programming as of this coming Friday!

Keep Shining, Nat