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SOMETHING NEW: a short story

The first streams of light began to shine through the gray clouds in the distance. The scent of the ocean air tickled my nose. My body felt warm enough under our makeshift blanket. I was grateful I remembered my fuzzy socks to keep my toes warm. We leaned into each other. The exhilaration of something new sending chills up and down my back. I could feel his warm breath against my neck and smiled.

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This Friday I am entering a new stage, a new phase, a new age bracket!!!
I will be turning the BIG 3-0!!!!!
So many thoughts!
So many emotions!
So much pressure!
I’ve been so blessed.
Yes, I’ve seen hardship.
Yes, I’ve seen struggle.
Yes, I’ve seen heartbreak and heartache, disappointments and disillusions.
But I have also seen endless mercy and grace.
I have seen indescribable joy and happiness.
I have also experienced love beyond measure.
I can honestly say that I have LIVED, LOVED and LOST.
I know my story is far from over but I am also glad that certain chapters are being left behind in my 20’s.
I am grateful that I am not the same person I was 10 years ago.
I am grateful that in spite of my complicated and hard headed ways my family has always stuck by my side.
I am grateful that my dearest friends have never turned their backs on me and I look forward to growing old along side them.
2/3 in the club…  Triple D, you’re next!!!
A letter to 30…..
Dear 30,
I am ready! I am ready to welcome you with open arms. I am ready to see what you have in store for me. I am ready to experience all the new adventures you are planning. I can’t wait to accomplish brand new goals and achieve all of these new dreams. I am excited to continue growing and becoming the women of purpose God designed and created me to be.
Oh 30, you have a good rep with my older friends… they only have great things to say about you and I believe that you will have the same effect on me. I hope you’re ready, because I’m hitting the ground running!

With really high expectations,

Birthdays over the years