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love of a sisterI‘m so excited to continue this Hello Miriam Mini Series. Last week we got to take a look at Miriam as a child. This week we get to see her as a worship leader! Truly, I love her story. There is actually more of her story in the book of Numbers so I think we will add to this series when we get to that book. If you didn’t catch Hello Miriam Part I click HERE before you continue reading!

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This part of Miriam’s story has always spoken to my heart. I haven’t talked about my testimony very much so I’ll take this opportunity to share a little bit of it. I became a Christian at the age of 15. I remember it like yesterday. It was a Friday night in 2000. I was at Generation Noah youth group. The preacher did an alter call and my spirit did somersaults. God was calling me by name right at that very moment. Jesus met me right where I was and in return I walked up to the front of that alter and knelt down before the foot of the cross. I accepted Jesus as my LORD and savior that night. I bawled my eyes out thinking about the sin I was being cleansed of. Grateful that God would sacrifice His son. Grateful that Christ would sacrifice His life. For me! It was a pivotal moment. Everything changed. Life as I knew it was never the same. It hasn’t been perfect. It’s been really difficult at times. But one thing I know for sure is that when you say Yes to Jesus it’s like God ties a string around your heart and never let’s go. No matter how far you drift…. He will ALWAYS pull you back in! That’s been my story.

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Ok so how does my story tie into Miriam’s?

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