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Sometimes we are put in the middle of a fight that is not ours. Sisters Leah and Rachel were fighting a heavy war. Their drama spilled over into the lives of women who were innocent to the mess. Has this ever been you? Stuck in the middle of someone else’s fight? Read the story from the beginning Hello Leah, Hello Rachel.
Both Zilpah and Bilhah were servant girls working in Laban’s home. Both were a wedding gift. Zilpah was gifted to Leah as her wedding gift. Bilhah was also gifted to Rachel as her wedding gift. They may have not been surprised by the change in ownership. They may have not cared that they had new mistresses. I bet they had no idea what they were about to get into. If you haven’t read the last two posts go read them now! Trust me you want to know the back story.
Genesis 29-30
The problem was that Leah and Rachel were married to the same man, Jacob. To make things more interesting Jacob was married to Leah through deceit. Who he truly loved was Rachel. The sisters feuded over their husband’s love and attention.  So you guessed it. Leah and Rachel brought their servant girls into the mix. Up to this point Rachel was barren. Not having birthed any children put her in what she thought was a huge disadvantage to her sister. Leah had already given Jacob four children. We learn in Genesis 30:1 that Rachel became jealous of her sister and took out her frustration on Jacob. As a result Rachel resorted to old manipulative schemes seen earlier in Genesis. In order to gain mommy points and get even with Leah, Rachel pulled a page out of Sarai’s playbook. She handed Bilhah over to Jacob to conceive. Yup. Bilhah ended up giving birth to two boys. Leah who already had 4 boys of her own reacted to Rachel’s schemes by giving Zilpah over to Jacob as well. She wanted to keep the upper hand. Zilpah also gave Jacob two sons.

These manipulations just pulled more people into the fire and didn’t resolve anything. Rachel and Leah continued to feud.

Zilpah and Bilhah were now all the way caught up in the middle.

Unfortunately for them, they were slaves and didn’t have much of a say.

You and I, on the other hand, have been made free in Jesus. We do not need to be all the way caught up in anyone’s feuding rivalry.

My one and only point. If you feel yourself being drawn into the middle of someone else’s brawl.

SET A BOUNDARY! Or multiple boundaries.

There is a huge difference between being supportive of a friend in need and being manipulated as a pawn in their war. I’ve experienced it before and you probably have too.

A friend has been offended by another friend and now one or both want you to choose a side. Or a couple you are close to breaks up and again you are being made to choose a side.

You know whose side you choose? JESUS’ period!

Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in someone else’s drama. Definitely pray for all parties involved and if asked respond with wisdom aka scripture!

My Prayer For You:
Heavenly Father, I pray for wisdom. I ask you to please bless us with discernment. Lord teach us to listen to you that we may be quiet when you prompt us to be quiet. That we may speak only when your spirit leads us to speak. Lord I pray for our friends and family. I pray that you may keep us all in peace that there may not be any animosity or fighting between us. I ask Father that if differences arise you may help us to make the Jesus choice! Help us to cover our loved ones in prayer that their wars and battles may be resolved by you. Thank you for your word. Thank you for the examples we see in your word of what to do or not do. I ask you to help us create and maintain healthy boundaries in our lives. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

Memory Verse: Prov 10:19 

Prov 10:19 Too much talk leads to sin. Be sensible and keep your mouth shut.

Have you ever been asked to pick a side? How did you handle it? 
Comment below and tell us all about it!

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