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Welcome to my confessional.
It’s almost a month into 2015 and some people are going strong with their New Year Resolutions/Goals and others have probably already fallen off. I had a few “resolutions” myself. One of them was to build better habits into my daily life aka become more disciplined.
I am a firm believer in starting small and taking it one step at a time. I am also very much into using any resource that will help accomplish the goal. So in an attempt to help myself be successful I turned to the plethora of resources and ideas that is Pinterest! In my search I found this really helpful 30-Day-Challenge Habit Builder/Breaker Chart.

Okay, so here’s my confession.
And remember… JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE!!!

I’m messy. Like really messy. Unkempt bed, clothes in piles, shoes everywhere, stacks upon stacks of papers and stuff. But, and this is a big BUT… that is NOT how I was raised…. my mom went through extensive pains to get me to be more organized and tidy. She’s a bit of a neat freak herself and I’m the total opposite. So my goal was to become more disciplined. To start with making my bed every morning as soon as I step out of it. And guess what!?!? Using this 30-Day-Challenge Chart I’ve been able to start developing this habit. Every day for the past month by bed has been made and cleared off of all piles. It gives the room such a great look!
Anyhow, I share all of this because I know that I am not the only girl out there who struggles with tidiness. I know that I am not the only one who struggles with being disciplined in the little things. And if you can’t in the little how will you be able to in the bigger things? I strongly encourage you to visit the DIY Home Sweet Home and download this bad boy! Take charge of your habits and start building or breaking the habits that are weighing you down! Trust me, if I can do it you definitely can too!!!

Comment below with your methods for building/breaking habits or if you’ve tried a chart similar to this one.


by: DIY Home Sweet Home

HELLO WORD of 2015


Wall Art: Renda Writer Photo Credit: Jorge Castillo

There’s been a lot of talk about having a specific word to live by or strive for in 2015. I’ve seen it on other blogs and have had conversations with people regarding their 2015 WORD.

Well, while reading one of those blogs MY 2015 WORD came to me. Like an epiphany. It just appeared in my mind. Granted, I might have had help from a Wynwood artist, Renda Writer, and from my favorite girls who always know how to challenge me. 
Once I thought about it for a couple of seconds I realized that I’ve already begun living out this word. Starting this blog is a result of this word. Pursuing professional help also falls within this category. There are additional decisions and projects in the works that exemplify this noun.

Without further ado.
My 2015 WORD is:


In 2015 I am putting myself out there! I’m taking RISKS!
Leaping out in faith! Believing that God will show up and show off!

Comment below with your 2015 WORD!


For over a year now I’ve had this growing desire to study the women of the bible. I’ve read the Women in the Bible devotional series. I’ve attended bible studies at my church (Church by the Glades), which focused on women in the bible. I’ve talked about how interested I am in the women of the bible so much that friends have gifted me books and I have purchased and wish-listed additional books.

Their stories fascinate me.

Their courage inspires me.

Their faith motivates me.

Their realness still resonates loudly in our culture today.

These women knew what it was to cry out to God for the deepest desires of their heart. They knew, like many women today, what it feels like to WAIT, to lean on God and not their own understanding.

Some of my favorite women are Sarah, Ruth, Esther, and the woman with the bleeding disorder. Each of these stories has spoken to my heart in one-way or another.

I am so excited to officially begin this journey of an in-depth study of every woman in the bible in chronological order. The assignment feels bigger than anything I’ve ever done before. I know that by focusing on one to two women a month this project will take a few years to complete. I look forward to the extra time in God’s word.

I realize that I am far from a bible scholar or expert. I’m simply an average girl trying to seek my King. My plan is to read the scripture with new eyes. I will be using different resources to help me understand the richness of each story.

I am so excited for what God has planned for me to learn. What secrets will be uncovered?!?

The best part of this new venture is that I will get to share all of my “findings” with YOU!!!! I look forward to connecting with you and reading how God has moved in your life through SUPERSTARNAT.COM.

Get ready and join me every Friday for a new installment of the WOTB Series. I pray that as God uses these women to heal, mold, and strengthen my heart yours may also be blessed in supernatural ways.

January is all about Eve. So come back next week for Hello Eve Part I…

HELLO 2015


Today Lara Casey posted the pic on the left and it spoke to me. It reinforced the decision I had already made of starting this blog. These 15 words reminded me that it was time to look beyond the doubts. To stand up and confront my fears. To look my insecurities straight in the face and chase my dreams. I can no longer wait to “start living” my life when (fill in the blank) happens. Today is a gift and I have a mind to seize my present. Make the most of the daylight and shed all types of JESUS light on the dark places within. On this blog I will share what I’m learning on this path to healing and growth. I will also post my thoughts and notes from studying the women of the bible. My goal is to spotlight a different biblical female character each month. Gather insight directly from the word, other books and commentaries. I pray God may use this site to speak to your heart as He works on healing and strengthening mine.