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If you have been reading my blog then you probably read the post, TOP 5 FAVORITE: CHILDHOOD READS. In that post I talked briefly about my love for books and the written word. I especially enjoy when the stories I love are transformed into visual accounts through various platforms. A while back I came across The Lizzie Bennett Diaries and immediately fell in love with the short installment mini series form becoming more and more popular on YouTube. So here are my 5 favorite mini series based on stories I love. There are so many other mini series that are equally as amazing but I’m staying within my 5 faves limit. I hope you guys check them out.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Have you already seen these or do you know of others you recommend?

Keep Shining, Nat

The Lizzie Bennett Diaries

lizzie bennnet diaries

The Autobiography of Jane Eyre


Emma Approve


Anne With an E


The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy



Prom 2003

A rite of passage

A night that is typically a dream.

The chance to be a Princess or, better yet, a Queen.

Prom 2003

Not the typical prom.

A room of Jesus Freaks trying to live in a world that is not their own.

A better title would be: Christian Prom 2003.

A red carpet dress and glass slippers obtained for free,

From the girl met randomly at Walgreens.

A fancy up do and classic makeup to frame the smiling face of the naïve.

A raffle ticket at the door.

Prizes and oddities galore.

The mention of a crown and scepter.

Yet another round of numbers called.

The unexpected becoming reality as you find yourself walking up to the front.

The exclamations and cheers from your table mates as they celebrate your newfound royal status.



How could it be?!

A coronation and royal introduction as the Queen and King meet.

A photoshoot to follow.

Remember to return the scepter.

But the crown you may keep.

A story to go down in history as the day you walked in a girl with a raffle ticket and exited a Queen.

20151112_23170720151112_231724 20151112_23173520151112_231749 20151112_231809

A poem to commemorate my untraditional senior prom. It’s actually a wonderful memory.

Keep Shining, Nat

Did you go to your senior prom or an alternative?


I could watch movies all day everyday. I would be really pale from lack of sunlight. I would probably eat way too much popcorn and bunch-a-crunch. But my eyes would take in every scene and story like if it were Christmas every day! I can’t help it, I love movies. So here is my list of my Top 5 Favorite: Live Action Disney Movies. I hope you enjoyed yesterdays list of my Top 5 Favorite: Animated Disney Movies.

Not in any particular order.




Mary Poppins

mary poppins


Have you seen any of my favorites? Any of them your favorite too? Let’s start a convo in the comments below. I would love to chat with you.

Keep Shining, Nat


Who does not like Disney movies?!?! I mean seriously!!!!

They have everything: adventure, heroes and villains, princesses and princes, morals, lessons, sad moments and hysterical moments. I love Disney movies so much that I couldn’t pick just 5. I have a list of 16 and counting. So I decided to really filter down to my Top 5 Favorite: Animated Disney Movies and my Top 5 Favorite: Live Action Disney Movies.

Today I’ll share my animated faves!

In no particular order.


(Actually Aladdin does come in 1st place… I AM Princess Jasmine!)


Beauty and the Beast

beauty and the beast

The Little Mermaid

the little mermaid



 The Brave Little Toaster

the brave little toaster

So what are your favorite animated Disney movies??? Do we have any in common?? Looking forward to your comments.

Keep Shining, Nat


Growing up I was a major book worm! I was the type of kid who in elementary school claimed, READING, as her favorite hobby. Yes, slightly lame I know. I also spent more than 50% of the summer between 6th and 7th grade at the library. You best believe I read a ton of books that summer. I thought it would be fun to go down a literary memory lane and share some of my favorite childhood reads!

In no particular order.

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle by Betty MacDonald

Mrs-Piggle-WiggleAmelia Bedelia by Peggy Parishamelia bedilia

Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls WilderLHOTP

Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomeryanneofgreengables

The Mandie Mysterys by Lois Gladys LeppardMandie_Books_1-6_PBFC

BONUS because honestly who didn’t just LOOOOOVE The Chronicles of Narnia?!?!?!

After reading over my list I realize something that I already knew… I love series!!! It’s just so fun to be able to continue reading about familiar characters. It really brings them to life and makes them a part of your world…. no Disney pun intended… good segue because next post is TOP 5 FAVORITE: DISNEY MOVIES!!!!

So what are you favorite childhood reads?? Comment below so we can chat about them!

Keep Shining, Nat


Last week we met Zipporah, Moses’ wife. Today I want to continue sharing her story with you however the post will be short due to Nano Poblano and my posting everyday this month. I hope you’ve been checking out my Nano Poblano posts.

In Exodus 4 we see Zipporah again. This time she is protecting her husband from death.

Exodus 4:24 At a lodging place on the way, the Lord met Moses and was about to kill him. 25 But Zipporah took a flint knife, cut off her son’s foreskin and touched Moses’ feet with it. “Surely you are a bridegroom of blood to me,” she said. 26 So the Lord let him alone. (At that time she said “bridegroom of blood,” referring to circumcision.)

You see the Hebrew covenant called for all baby boys to be circumcised. Zipporah however was not Hebrew and she did not have her son circumcised.

Time was passing and Moses has an encounter with God who calls back to Egypt to lead his people out of slavery. Moses reluctantly accepts the call and let’s his father in law know that he would be going back to his birth-land. So Zipporah backs their bags and accompanies Moses back to Egypt. However on the way there Moses nears death. According to commentaries it seems that Moses’ near death experience could have been the result of overwhelming stress due to the fact that his son was uncircumcised. Basically his conscious was literally driving him crazy to the point of death.

I love that Zipporah jumped into action at the sight of her husbands torment. Commentaries also suggest that the son hadn’t been circumcised at her request. So that fact that she turns around and swallows her pride to save her husbands life speaks volumes. Zipporah circumcised her son herself and immediately took the bloody proof to Moses. Yup, she saved his life! Maybe she caused the problem to begin with but when she realized the harm done she corrected her mistake.

Let’s take her story as an example. Let’s correct our mistakes. Let’s stay humble and not allow our pride to be the cause of torment in other’s lives.

My Prayer for You:

Dear Jesus, help us to be aware of our mistakes. Help us to discern your sovereignty in our lives. I pray that every reader and I may be able to humble ourselves and accept responsibility for our actions. Help correct our mistakes. Please do not allow our pride to hurt others or ourselves. Thank you for your grace and mercy. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Memory Verse: Proverbs 28:13 Whoever conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy.

I’m excited that this post was under 500 words… woot woot!!!

Love you guys!

Keep Shining, Nat


Everyone!!!! It’s Day 3!!!! Woot woot!!!

If you know me personally you would know that at times I act like a middle school student… maybe it’s because I used to teach middle school or because I currently volunteer with middle schoolers at church. Or maybe my silliness is just part of who I am. If you’ve spent a lot of time around me at some point or another you probably heard me say a really silly joke, or maybe they are just really bad jokes. LOL… I like to think of them as kid friendly jokes that crack me up to pieces!!!

Here are my Top 5 Favorite (Go-to): Silly Jokes

Not in any particular order.

Q: How do you make a tissue dance?

A: You put a boogie in it!

Q: Why was the tomato red?

A: Because it saw the salad dressing!

Q: Why was 6 afraid of 7?

A: Because 7 – 8 – 9!

Q: Why is the ocean blue?

A: Because the fish go, “blublu blublu”!

Q: What did the wall say to the other wall?

A: I’ll see you at the corner!

Didn’t those just tickle your funny bone?!?! Soon I’ll do a post just on math jokes because those are particullary fun!

I know you know some silly jokes too!! I would love to read them if you share them in the comments below. Go ahead! Don’t be shy… share your best silly jokes. I will tweet out my favorite one on Friday.

Keep Shining, Nat


NanoPoblano2015 Day #2!!!

Hello my loves, today I thought I’d kick off the Top 5 Favorites series with a faith related post. Going to try and stay as close to the theme of my site as often as I can.

Here is a short poem to go along with my Top 5 Favorite: Bible Verses.

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

Scripture is sweet.

& Jesus loves you.

I love God’s love letter to me, and you!

There are a bunch of bible verses that are my favorite!!!! I will only share 5 of them in no particular order.

Jeremiah 29:11


Esther 4:14


Habakkuk 2:3

habakkuk 2.3

Psalm 139:13-14


Romans 8:28



I hope these verses do something for your heart as much as they do for mine!

Comment below with one or all of your Top 5 Favorite: Bible Verses and stop by tomorrow for another Top 5 Favorites. I think this series will be pretty fun! 🙂

Keep Shining, Nat


Hi my name is Natalie and I am officially a tiny baby pepper.

Today is day one of NaNoPoblano!

What is NaNoPoblano? You might ask. Well I’ll explain it this way. It’s a month of blogging! A blog post every day for the month of November. And NaNoPoblano is a community of bloggers who commit to the challenge. I am super excited to join this community.

Today’s post is super basic. I wanted to let you know that I’m in for the challenge. I have a list of ideas I’ll be blogging about. I thought it would be awesome to take this opportunity to get to know each other so I’ll be sharing more about me and my favorite things. For my loyal Women of the Bible readers, don’t worry I’ll still post my WOTB posts on Fridays. However make sure you tune in because I will be working on some pieces expanding on patterns I’ve seen among the women we’ve talked about.

Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with what I’m blogging about daily.

Love you guys for your support and encouragement during this month. I’m sure I’ll be in great need of it.

Keep Shining, Nat